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Read all about our latest developments, integrations and how Wave Engine is pushing the limits of industry.

Sample projects

Here you can find useful samples using great features of Wave Engine. A good starting point for understanding how Wave Engine works.

Api Reference

The API reference contains detailed descriptions for each class in the WaveEngine libraries for C#.

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AR, VR & MR Ready
AR, VR & MR Ready
Visual Editor
Visual Editor
Overall Features
Overall Features
Cross - Technology collaboration
Bring the posibility of collaboration between different users to your projects using our powerful networking cross library. You can create client-server or PeerToPeer architectures between different devices and platforms.
Unified Api
Reduce your development and maintenance times with a unified API with which you will be able to write your code one time and run it on several platforms and devices.
Virtual UI
Bring fast and complex 3D user interfaces based on XAML to your projects.
Spatial Sound
Improve your inmersive experiences with spatial sounds that allow you to create the most realistic 3D sound effects in your projects.
Advance Spectator View for MR
We provide our own Spectator View that allows you to show your Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality projects on events and fairs.
LeapMotion supported
Bring the hands tracker to your Virtual Reality projects to achieve better inmersive experiences.
Material editor
Complete editor that helps the configuration of the visual aspects of your shaders.
Instantiate prefabs in your scene, and improve your productivity by editing only once to apply the changes to the others.
Profile configuration
Create and manage launchers on different platforms easily, allowing different launcher templates to help developing your app.
Visual Studio collaboration
Synchronize automatically your custom components and services, allowing them to use whithin the editor instantly.
Scene editor
Create your scene easily adjusting all their parameters, dragging your assets directly to the scene viewer and adding components to your entities.
Asset editor
The Visual Editor offers a powerful asset viewer, allowing you to customize all your project assets. Every asset type offers a specific UI to boost your productivity.
Latest C# features
You can use the latest C# advantages and features because we are continuosly updating WaveEngine project profiles and supported features.
Physics 2D/3D
Simulate a wide range of physics behaviors, collisions and joints, both in 3D and 2D.
Animation 2D/3D
The animation system extracts the object, skeleton and morphing animations of your 3d models, easing the blending between them. Lot of options are offered, like synchronized blending and multiple tracks at the same time.
Particles 2D/3D
3D and 2D particles can be used to enhance the visuals of your app, creating a wide range of effects
Oclussion Culling
Increase the performance of your projects using the most advanced occlusion tecnologies that allow you to create complex and detailed scenes.
Light-Prepass Defered Rendering
Taking advantage of the deferred shading, the light prepass computes the lighting of the scene in a single pass, making your rendering almost light independent and improving spectacularly the performance.