GiSize! BIM 3D New York
The infrastructure framework that changes the way in which you interact with Wonderware.

Wonderware is the market leader in real-time operations management software for industry and infrastructure management. GISize! BIM 3D New York is an app designed to improve your infrastructure solutions and experience the future of Virtual/Augmented Reality. Create simulated environments which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as systems simulation and advanced use of information in industrial contexts. Display specific information linked to the person’s context and location by means of a smart or wearable device.
Main features
  • Integration of Wave graphic control in the Wonderware industrial environment.
  • Reading of values and events in real time.
  • Multi-tactile interaction.
  • Virtual representation of a city.
  • Photorealistic environments.
It has been a challenge to satisfactorily integrate a graphics application in a Wonderware environment. Thanks to the versatility and integration possibilities that Wave Engine offers, this task was able to be achieved. The client previously tried to tackle the task with other existing graphics engines, with little or no success.

Another important point was the realistic generation of a city, in this case, New York.
Thanks to the adaptation possibilities provided by Wave Engine, it was possible to embed a graphics viewer in an industrial environment and real-time operations. The overall aspect of the application is of high quality, and the final performance achieved has been satisfactory, even taking into account the restrictive environment over WPF.