Exploring the Human Body
An augmented reality educational application that lets you see the different layers of the human body.
Using the latest augmented reality technology, this application allows you to learn about and explore the anatomy and physiology of the human body and each of its parts as bones, muscles, soft tissue or skin in an immersive way. It was developed for the television show El Hormiguero's science section.

Main features
  • Developed for HoloLens
  • 360ยบ content visualization
  • Realistic photorealistic human body models
  • Spectator View mode to view on television
The main challenge of this project was to create a Spectator View system that was able to show the experience that was being visualized in the HoloLens from a third person perspective. This was a necessary development because it was the only way to transmit the experience and to understand it through television.
Wave Engine is a very versatile engine with advanced support for the development of augmented reality applications as well as communication and synchronization through the net, which greatly facilitated the synchronization of the Spectator View and allowed us to carry out this project in record time.