Wave Engine
Nice! you are about to download wave engine so you can create your own games or interactive experiences. wave engine is a component based game engine architecture, 2d and 3d physics engines, beautiful visual effects, cross-platform support, advanced layout system and much more.
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Version 16.8 or greater with '.NET desktop development' and 'Universal Windows Platform development' workloads are required.

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Sample projects

Here you can find useful samples using great features of Wave Engine. A good starting point for understanding how Wave Engine works.

Wave Engine Samples
Mixed Reality Toolkit

WaveEngine.MRTK is a project that provides a set of components and features used to accelerate cross-platform XR application development in Wave Engine.


If you've got any feedback for us, this is the place to leave it. Bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback are all welcome - just create an issue.

Previous Wave Engine Installers
Orca (WAVE 2.5)
New feature
Fixed Bug
Added ARMobile (ARKit and ARCore) support.
Added Bullet Physics 3D integration.
Added new Model asset workflow.
Added GLTF support.
Added Morphing support.
Added new Animation3D component.
Added Mixed Reality support.
Added Render Layers integration in Visual Editor.
Added support for Rasterizer, Blend and DepthStencil state descriptions.
Added Line Mesh components.
Added the possibility of disabling protobuf serialization.
Optimized Transform 3D.
Improved Visual Editor performance.
Added convert from prefab to entity.
Added Copy entity path as entity option in Visual Editor.
Fixed Drag and drop issues with entities in Visual Editor.
Fixed Linux Gamepad support and crash.
Fixed Camera.Unproject incoherences.
Fixed xCode 9 template support.
Fixed multicomponents on prefabs.
Fixed internal memory leak with Vertex Buffers.
Fixed WaitGameAction memory leak.
Fixed problems with large Tilemaps.
Fixed RenderPropertyAsFInput with converters.
Fixed Blending problems with Noesis Panels.
Fixed new material creation issues.
Fixed PerfabInstance delete issues.
Fixed cubemap reflection issues.
Fixed OpenGL issue when rendering Opaque and Alpha layers in the same scene.
Fixed minimum iOS template version.
Looking to download the installer for another OS?
Please choose MacOS or Linux
Orca (2.5.0) 30/7/2018
White Shark
White Shark (2.4.1) 25/9/2017
White Shark (2.4.0) 23/8/2017
SawShark (2.3.1) 16/3/2017
SawShark (2.3.0) 15/9/2016
TigerShark (2.2.1) 14/6/2016
TigerShark (2.2.0) 24/5/2016
Hammer Shark
Hammer Shark (2.1.1) 6/4/2016
Hammer Shark (2.1.0) 31/3/2016
Shark (2.0.6) 15/2/2016
Shark (2.0.5) 1/2/2016
Shark (2.0.4) 7/12/2015
Dolphin ( 18/11/2014